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Why You Need To Disinfect Your Beauty Brushes Right TF Now

Where are my makeup lovers at?! If you’re anything like me (and you probably are since you’re here!) you love investing your time and money into makeup and all things pertaining to it. In the last few years, people have really gone to extremes when it comes to beauty brushes. From the perfect size, number, and shape for specific areas of your face and for certain products - they have started to really matter. This isn’t like middle school anymore where you could use the same brush for pretty much anything. The times are different now and so are our beauty brushes and routines.

However, how diligent are we when it comes to actually cleaning them? No, not just cleaning, but disinfecting them? In a recent study, Cosmo claims that 72% of women they interviewed admitted to not ever washing their beauty brushes? And you might be one of these women! It’s so common to not wash your beauty brushes, but is it common to not wash your washcloths, pillow cases, or what about your clothes in general? No! We do it because it’s healthy and we remove all of them germs and junk that can build up on them and its become routine. So, why don’t we do that to our brushes?! 

Are you feeling icky right about now? Never fear! Because we have gathered research from all over to help you better understand why and how you can start disinfecting your beauty brushes today.

So what’s even in there, anyways?

Acne + Blackheads

So, this is kind of a given. If you don’t clean your brushes, you start to build up dead skin and bacteria that isn’t going to do your skin any good. Adding that to your face every day means that, well, you’re adding all that to your face every. damn. day. That’s great, right? NO!

The List of Crap in the Brushes is HUGE

You can easily have a whole grocery receipt long of a list of the stuff that is hiding in your brushes. Anything from E. Coli, staphylococcus (those fun staph infections), streptococcus, and fungus can all be hanging around within the bristles.

Awesome. Now you are scrambling to go throw all your brushes away and get new ones every time you do your makeup, huh? Well, instead of throwing brushes and $$$ away every day, try taking a few minutes every day to avoid some serious consequences and illnesses.

You may think that spraying them down with some water and alcohol spray will keep them clean and sanitized. Actually, alcohol-based spray cleaners tend to create a lot more problems than solutions. Putting that on your brushes and thinking it’s all gone when you rinse them out is a straight up lie. Traces of it still hang onto the brushes and applying that on your face can leave you with very red and irritated skin. Not to mention, there have even been cases where the skin starts pulling off because of the extreme drying effects of alcohol sprays. (True story. YIKES)

Instead, try the newest method of cleaning beauty brushes - UV lights. It’s literally a light that kills bacteria as it chills in the rays, leaving no harmful chemical residue to get on your face. How does a light help kill bacteria? Great question!

The ultraviolet rays will kill up to 99% of the germs and bacteria on your brushes in a single session that you can do every day or once a week (because you’re already supposed to be washing them weekly.) The UV light is a 'cold light' and no heat will damage your brushes. This technology isn’t anything new - all kinds of things have been disinfected by UV lights in almost every industry like nail salons, daycares, and air purifier distributors. Any it literally takes minutes to do. So, why not?!

Try your hand and give your skin a break, and not a break out. We have researched and tested this stellar UV light to be one of the most effective makeup brush sanitizers in the market and can purchase them here: www.stereliza.com. Tell us what you think and I’m sure you, your wallet, and your skin will thank us later!

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