What’s Stereliza and why do I need it in my life?

Stereliza is a smart ultra-portable beauty device that effortlessly and safely sanitizes a range of personal tools after every use.

No more alcohol sprays , soapy water or nasty bullsh**! Winner!

How does Stereliza work and how effective is it?

Stereliza uses the same advanced germ-fighting technology found in hospitals and dental facilities to improve your at-home skincare and makeup routine. Ultraviolet rays kill microorganisms by irradiation. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology predominantly used across many industries for sanitizing purposes emits short-wavelength UV light to kill bacteria by destroying or changing the DNA structure (nucleic acids), leaving them incapable of reproduction; in turn providing a perfect sterilization effect.

The added function of ozone disinfection technology on top of UV technology amplifies the sterilization process for far superior results. Ozone is a worldwide recognised broad-spectrum microorganism killer that destroys bacteria, spores, viruses, fungus etc. Ozone has the ability to thoroughly disperse into the air & flow over surfaces or travel deep into holes, fabrics & textured surfaces to get to the deeper nooks and crannies not visible to the naked eye. Simply put, while the UV light effectively works to disinfect surfaces, the ozone technology will do its part to kill anything hidden deep inside the brushes/ sponges etc. 


Is Stereliza Non-Toxic?

Absolutely. Stereliza is 100% Non -Toxic and leaves no residue or chemical waste products like the traditionally used alcohol based spray cleaners. 


What can Stereliza hold?

Think outside the box! Stereliza can accommodate anything that fits ;) toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush heads, jewellery (except silver), tweezers, razors, personal tools, baby products, cutlery, earphones and much more. 


Does it get rid of product debris on tools? 

Stereliza works to kill and stop the growth of bacteria and other nasty organisms not visible to the naked eye that can cause infections and health issues. It does not get rid of residue left on the tools. Stereliza is not a replacement for washing out items with soap and water, but will absolutely help to get rid of bacteria and germ build-up to give you more uses in between washes and to cut down the frequency of the washing process. It also helps your tools live upto their life expectancy as this device makes it easy to care for them without the nasty alcohol sprays and toxic corroding chemicals. 


Is Stereliza rechargeable?

Yes. It is USB rechargeable through a standard smartphone adaptor, laptop or car charging port. (USB cord included). Use it anywhere in the world. To charge : Simply connect the USB cord to your phone adaptor , or laptop or car charger . 


How often do I have to charge Stereliza?

Charging duration is 75 mins. 3 usage cycles can be achieved with 1 full charge.


What is the voltage used by Stereliza?

The Stereliza operates with an input voltage of 4.5V-5.5V.


How do I know Stereliza really kills germs?

All Stereliza products are tested extensively by independent laboratories to ensure that 99.9% of germs and bacteria will be killed at the source and no reproduction will occur . 


How portable is Stereliza?

The device is ultra- portable, travel & user friendly. The quality silicone grade material adds flexibility to the device allowing it to be easily folded, stretched, stashed and packed. Take it with you where ever you go :) 


How do I clean and maintain Stereliza?

Clean the Stereliza only after disconnecting from power, with a soft cloth or cleansing wipe. 


Is Stereliza waterproof?

No. Do Not place wet items inside. When placing beautyblenders and sponges or other items, please make sure excess water is squeezed out and NOT dripping. 


Will the UV light heat up and damage my products?

No. UV light is a 'cool' light and does not work at high temperatures. ( working temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC).  Stereliza is designed to be completely safe and will never damage or compromise the quality of your toils. Theres no rubbing or excessive handling involved, therefore making it a far more superior alternative to the traditional alcohol based cleansers. 


What type of UV lamps are used in Stereliza ?

We only use the highest grade purity quartz glass UV lamps with ultra-low Mercury content ( less than 5mg) ; which are 100% tested safe and effective . These lights have a long service life, which can work more than 1000 hours. They consist of:

1) High-purity quartz glass tube with high light transmittance and low light decay, ensuring UV transmission of over 90%

2) Ultra-low mercury technology with a mercury content of 5mg or less, meeting international standards.


Is UV+ OZONE technology used in Stereliza safe for me? 

YES 100% safe, of course. We are laboratory tested and pass international standards. Our UV sanitization devices are strictly made to meet international industry standards, which are 100% tested safe an effective. Ozone + ultraviolet disinfection technologies used in the Stereliza will NOT result in any harmful disinfectant by-products; and has been safety tested and certified. Residual ozone instantly  decomposes back to oxygen, which in turn makes this technology a very safe and effective sterilization method. 

***Please read the instructions carefully before using product. DO NOT OPEN COVER while product is in use. Avoid direct UV light exposure to eyes.

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