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Why Am I Still Breaking Out?!

Isn’t not knowing why you’re having a break out just the best thing in the world? HA. But seriously - have you tried everything to prevent your acne from flaring up? You probably have gone through every treatment and home remedy that Pinterest has to offer with little to no success with any of it. But, have you ever thought that the problem could literally be coming out of your own bathroom?

Beauty brushes are one of the monsters when it comes to discovering the causes of breakouts. You wouldn’t think twice about them since you probably use them every day with no second thoughts about them actually causing chaos inside of your pores. You could be overlooking the one simple root cause that’s causing  you to look like you’re going through puberty all over again. Your make up routine ! ( surprise b!)

Your brushes become coated with more than just makeup residue . With everyday use they pick up dead skin cells ( ew!), air borne nasties , dust and dirt ! (What the fudge?! ) . You may think the usual weekly clean would suffice; but we shed dead skin EVERYDAY, and theres hundreds of millions of air pollutants that lurks in the air EVERYDAY and finds your brushes and blenders to be a perfect chill spot to throw a full blown party ! (GET OUTTA HERE! ). They are so sneaky that they aren’t even visible to the naked eye ( so cant blame you ) . You do everything right and do the weekly wash and dry and give them the TLC they deserve , But they don’t give you the same love back . Your skin plays up , you are exposed to nasty infections and your investment in expensive makeup brushes and beauty blenders get flushed down the rabbit hole cause they don’t always live upto their game . So how do you get your brushes to act right and live upto their life expectancy without being forced to spend $$$ on replacing them? Clean them REGULARLY ( everyday ) and THOROUGHLY . Everyday ? Hell no that’s a massive effort ; cleaning them once a week is painful enough !  ( I can read ya mind sis! ). Long story short, in order for you to keep your brushes and blenders in tip-top shape and save your skin and health from the chaos, you NEED to spot clean them after every use between your weekly wash and dry routine. 

The squad at Stereliza hit the spot with this one to save you time and effort! It’s a smart little device unlike anything in the market; that’s cute af and uses Cold UV light technology to instantly disinfect your brushes after every use . You can buy here at: https://stereliza.com
You can use this baddie at least once a week or as many times as you’d need to disinfect your brushes, blenders and any other beauty tools in between deep clean washes and after every use . Just pop in brushes after use and 5 mins is all it takes to save your self from skin and health issues and extend the life of your makeup brush investment .


Stereliza kills 99% of germs and bacteria that are just straight chillin’ inside your tools. It does not use any harsh chemicals like the  ‘spray and wipe’ or ‘quick dip’ makeup brush cleansers. Most brush cleaning sprays have disinfecting properties due to their high alcohol content and these always leave a film of alcohol and chemical residue on your tools . When these touch your face disaster strikes ! ( yikes!) skin burns , pigmentation , dry skin you name it (fudging No thx!) . So, you don’t ever have to worry about putting more harmful crap on your face. Also - the more you clean your brushes, the softer they get! So using them will feel more like a pillow rather than a couple dozen little pins poking you! HAPPY DAYS ! 


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