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During this unfortunate pandemic we are all looking out for solutions to keep safe and prevent the corona virus. Hand sanitizers and hygiene masks may come in handy but what about the everyday items you come in contact with ?

The importance of UV-C light disinfection cannot be stressed enough and it is a much needed life saver in these crucial hard times we are facing . Peace of mind and keeping your family safe wins !

What about disinfecting your stuff?

Think about everyday items such as your phone, coins , car keys , your baby items , cups , forks , spoons , makeup brushes & even your pleasure items - you name it . These items that are exposed to everyday life could easily carry bacteria and viruses which can touch your skin and cause the spread of disease and infection such as the dreaded corona virus . And you can’t spray The tradition disinfecting nasty alcohol sprays on most of these items without causing damage . Just like hygiene masks & hand sanitizers a UV sanitizer should be a holy grail product you should carry everywhere with you to to fully protect yourself and your family,  amd have peace of mind .

The new Stereliza- Mini Bar Device utilizes UV-C technology to eliminate up to 99.9999% of germs on people's mobile devices and other belongings in only five minutes. It also has the added functionality of Ozone as an extra protective layer working to kill bacteria not only on your tools but also in the air surrounding acting as a air purifier.

UV disinfection device for baby bottles, UV disinfection device for household items

Retailing at just $48 USD Stereliza is super portable and smart with a 5 min automatic shut off feature . This is the only device in the market that you can carry anywhere stashed in your hand bag as it folds to a nice compact size and comes with a  cute little pouch. This device is a game changer during the corona virus pandemic and  the future of Infection Control in the digital age. 

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