Clean living environments are very essential for living in a healthy way but what are the means that we use to sanitize our equipments and living places? Usually we use strong chemical cleaners and bleaches for cleaning purposes. But have we ever given a thought what these cleaning agents composed of? Whatever might be their chemical composition, one thing is sure that they are not safe for humans but yet we are forced to use them for cleaning our living environments. Well not anymore since the invention of UV-C light products we are now moving towards greener and safer options of cleaning methods.

What is UV-C ?

So what is this UV-C technology? As the name suggests this technology makes use of ultraviolet rays for cleaning purposes. It is safe since no chemical is involved neither in its usage nor in its manufacturing. One can confidently use UV enabled products for their domestic and commercial purposes. With the constant increase in the industrialization the amount of diseases due to germs, viruses and pollution has increased by manifolds. It is said that the mobile phones and notebooks that we work upon constantly are the most dirtiest, even more than the toilet seats. You can imagine our living scenario how unhygienic it is. Well you need not worry, with UV-C enabled devices you can easily clean your laptops, mobile phones, bed, sofas, bathrooms and every place that you think is dirty and contaminated. With this technology you can get ozonated water which you can use for cleaning utensils, vegetables, fruits and other eatables and thereby free them from pesticides and other harmful bacterias such as e-coli. Manufacturers guarantee that these devices can remove germs up to 99.9%. This technology was previously only limited to industries but in very restricted and unsafe manner. But now we are able to get portable, safe and powerful equipment with the latest technology of UV-C.

What are the benefits?

One can make use of these products within their organisations for keeping their employees and workers safe from the vulnerability of diseases such as swine flu, malaria, asthma and various other diseases that are caused due to contaminated air, water or any other resources. The UV-C technology products come with easy to use hand held form which makes it convenient to use everyday also makes it possible to clean unreachable areas. UV sterilizers come in various forms such as UV wand, UV air purifier, sterilizers, hand held UV lights and much more.

Our Pick for the Best UV Disinfection device / UV sanitization device in 2020 :

A new device called Stereliza is making waves in this market by being the worlds first foldable UV sanitizer. The Stereliza Mini Bar folds and stretches and is super flexible to accommodate anything that fits in the device. The device utilizes UV-C technology to eliminate up to 99.99% of germs on people's mobile devices and other belongings in only five minutes. It also has the added functionality of Ozone as an extra protective layer working to kill bacteria not only on your tools but also in the air surrounding acting as a air purifier .

Retailing at just $48 USD Stereliza is super portable and smart with a 5 min automatic shut off feature . This is the only device in the market that you can carry anywhere stashed in your hand bag as it folds to a nice compact size and comes with a  cute little pouch. This device is a game changer during the corona virus pandemic and  the future of Infection Control in the digital age. 

A product you'll never run out of during the corona virus pandemic:

Though this technology is not yet used in rampant but once people get aware about its benefits and safety aspects there won’t be any looking back for its manufacturers. This safer option of cleaning methodology is of great help to us since it is something we must look forward to during this corona virus pandemic (COVID19). It is the most affordable technology since it makes use of UV light & you'll never run out as It is rechargeable. 

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