About Us!

It all started with a not-so-fun aftermath of using harsh alcohol based disinfectant sprays to clean her personal & intimate tools! Ouch! 
sick of EW, germs. 😷 
She couldn’t find anything to easily disinfect and get rid of germs SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY.  
What the hell!
Spending hours washing and cleaning. Yawn.😴
Watching them gather dirt and grow bacteria. Yuk.😡
Using alcohol sprays that sting & burn. No thx. 🙅 
Spending $$$. Pls. 🙄
Everything out there was just not safe or bulky and time consuming!
She wanted Safe.
Sleek and Portable. Cute and Glam!
So she did research. Actual research (praise).
And found out SHE could fix the problem. 
5 Mins. USB Recharge. Safe. Kills 99% Bacteria.
Foldable. Portable. Perfect.
No germs. No problems. No time wasted 😍
Get back to being in front of the mirror! 😉
L luv sanitizer for phone, uv sanitizer box