How it Works

WHAT IS IT? 🤷‍♀️

Stereliza is a smart ultra-portable device that effortlessly and
safely sanitizes a range of your personal tools to keep them hygienic 
after every use.
We know we're all crazy busy and ain’t nobody got time to wash, clean and dry personal tools everyday! Not forgetting that some items such as phones and earphones that harbour millions of germs 
cannot be washed .
So we came up with our very own easy to use, multi- purpose, portable product, that makes Self-Care a lot easier and more fun.
Stereliza kills 99.9% of bacteria and nasties in a 
5 min, 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free clean,
using UV Light + Ozone.
USB rechargeable.
Stretchable. Foldable. Portable. 
No more toxic alcohol sprays, soapy water or nasty bullsh**!




Because we understand the importance of Self-Care.

And that includes Peace-of-mind, knowing that you’re protected from nasty germs and infections at all times. 

Let Stereliza do the dirty work for you so you can put the fun back into self-care time.


HOW? 🙆

Stereliza uses the same advanced germ-fighting technology found in hospitals and dental facilities to improve your at-home self-care routine.
Stereliza offers a superior sterilization effect at the click of a button by combining UV light + Ozone technology.
The UV light targets the surface level micro-organisms, and Ozone technology goes one step deeper, killing the DNA of these micro-organisms, so that the bacteria dies, and can't reproduce on your belongings, therefore sterilizing the product.
This double sterilization technique targets and kill both surface and deep hidden nasties in hard to reach places. #BoyBye 👋
Made of soft touch premium-grade silicone to add
extra-flexibility and portability, sterilizing on the move.

Light-weight. Portable. Perfect.